Lost in Space Triptych

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I’m tempted to leave these images without any explanation. I had sent out a request to friends and family for things that might be interesting to play with in the studio. Someone sent me a few little plastic spacemen, who languished in a baggie for a year or so. When I finally got to them, I thought they needed their portraits done. I am always impressed, when I get in close to these little cheapo plastic toys, how much detail and expression they carry. Someone went to some pains to give them individual faces. They ended up looking a lot creepier in the images than they do in real life. Like stills from some sort of dark sci-fi horror movie about a haunted space station or something.




Two Lights Lobster Shack

Time was in my early days of trying on the label of Photographer when I struggled to keep my images as free from manipulation as possible. I believed that the image was determined in the camera, and that darkroom tricks were just tricks. I’ve gone back and forth many times between that attitude and the realization that photography at it’s core is all manipulation. I like to think I’ve finally gotten over myself.

This image comes from a brief moment when I had discovered some cheapo photo manipulation tools that I thought at the time were cool enhancements. I was foolish and did not save the original unmanipulated files. I’d like to able to go back and remaster some of my work.

As much as I’ve enjoyed digging into my archive of past photographic adventures, I itch and ache to get myself back out into the world to discover new adventures and new light to capture. Using disability as an excuse and justification for my hibernation wears thin. I’m working my way back out there, but it is an agonizingly slow process.