from “The Littles.”

The Littles is a long-term on-going project. I make these little images mostly in and around my house,whenever the inspiration and the light strike. It’s certainly not fine art, and poses no threat to the legacies of Ansel or Garry, but it’s a lot of fun. Getting out and about on the street and in the forest is, at best, challenging, so I’m able to keep my photography mind busy doing this in the studio. Since I began posting these to Instagram, I’ve discovered a lot of other folks doing similar work. The Littles are everywhere!

If I can get my sh*t together, there might be a calendar of sorts available in time for Christmas. Stay tuned.




When I came up for air, it was as if there was no water. Only a sea of bubbles, waves of bubbles. I heard the sounds of the sea, the lapping of waves on a beach, gulls calling, the shadows of gulls coursing across the surface of bubbles. My mouth was dry. Was this a dream, was I dreaming of the sea? I walked for days, and found no end, found no water.