Brunswick, Maine (?)


Flower study

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I have a photographic fascination with dead flowers. Whenever a bouquet begins to droop and wither, I have to swoop in and move it to a secure location before it gets tossed into the compost. Live flowers are cool and beautiful and I’ve certainly done studies of them as well, but I find the shapes that evolve as a flower dies and dries and shrinks and withdraws – when it retreats back into the state from which it came, dust to dust – are perhaps more beautiful. There is a delicacy and quiet that remains. Disability has drawn me into the studio (which is really nothing more than whatever spot in the house is getting good light) where I can slow down and look more closely at the architecture and shapes and shadows and stuff. There is a longer story there that which maybe I’ll get to someday.

I miss being out in the world with my camera, and I am looking forward to some coming changes that will help get me back out there. For now, I’ve got my studio and my dead flowers.

One Blog to Rule Them


My wife used to have a lapel pin with this sentiment stuck in the headliner of her car.  Floating around out there amid the billion or so blogs and vlogs and gogs and magogs and whatnot in the inter-void are 4 blogs with my name on them. There may be more, the void is full of debris. But no one of these blogs ever managed to gather more than a few regular readers (you know who you are), or maybe I should say I never managed to gather more than a handful to any of them.  Perhaps my inattention and lack of consistent posts had something to do with it. For whatever reason, none of my blog adventures (blogventures?) ever got overwhelmed with readership. So, for better or worse (or maybe for nothing), I’m consolidating my efforts here, and introducing readers from all corners of my media Empire to each other. Or alienate everyone, and fulfill the prophecy of that lapel pin. Welcome to readers of Two Buddhas in Conversation, Captured Light, and The Littles. From here on, all of your favorite content can be found on One Life, the one blog to rule them. Stay tuned.