Brunswick, Maine (?)


Flower study

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I have a photographic fascination with dead flowers. Whenever a bouquet begins to droop and wither, I have to swoop in and move it to a secure location before it gets tossed into the compost. Live flowers are cool and beautiful and I’ve certainly done studies of them as well, but I find the shapes that evolve as a flower dies and dries and shrinks and withdraws – when it retreats back into the state from which it came, dust to dust – are perhaps more beautiful. There is a delicacy and quiet that remains. Disability has drawn me into the studio (which is really nothing more than whatever spot in the house is getting good light) where I can slow down and look more closely at the architecture and shapes and shadows and stuff. There is a longer story there that which maybe I’ll get to someday.

I miss being out in the world with my camera, and I am looking forward to some coming changes that will help get me back out there. For now, I’ve got my studio and my dead flowers.

Lost in Space Triptych

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I’m tempted to leave these images without any explanation. I had sent out a request to friends and family for things that might be interesting to play with in the studio. Someone sent me a few little plastic spacemen, who languished in a baggie for a year or so. When I finally got to them, I thought they needed their portraits done. I am always impressed, when I get in close to these little cheapo plastic toys, how much detail and expression they carry. Someone went to some pains to give them individual faces. They ended up looking a lot creepier in the images than they do in real life. Like stills from some sort of dark sci-fi horror movie about a haunted space station or something.



from “The Littles.”

The Littles is a long-term on-going project. I make these little images mostly in and around my house,whenever the inspiration and the light strike. It’s certainly not fine art, and poses no threat to the legacies of Ansel or Garry, but it’s a lot of fun. Getting out and about on the street and in the forest is, at best, challenging, so I’m able to keep my photography mind busy doing this in the studio. Since I began posting these to Instagram, I’ve discovered a lot of other folks doing similar work. The Littles are everywhere!

If I can get my sh*t together, there might be a calendar of sorts available in time for Christmas. Stay tuned.